Sunday, October 23, 2011

Thinking of you card

A member of our work family was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer.  She is too sick to receive conventional medicine and therefore is seeking out alternative medicine.  This lady works in a branch of our company located in Alberta and we are in Ontario.  She has no idea what we've been up to =)

A couple of ladies at our division have started to fund raise for her to help with some of the costs she is facing.  Our boss has graciously decided to at least match the funds that are raised.  We've had a bake sale, BBQ and are currently running a 50/50 draw.  We also have a penny drive in place and every day that I go into the office people have been putting in $20 bills!  One person tossed in $100 but sadly we'll never know who it was.  Thank you to that person though! 

What is so amazing is that because this lady works in Alberta, our employees have never met her.....but they just know that someone needs help, and in true form, they have answered the call.  I work with an amazing bunch of people! 

So, here is the card that I created for everyone to sign.  We'll send it to her along with all of the $$$ we were able to raise for her!  I saw the idea in a magazing and just made it a lot bigger!  I wanted a card that was cheery and bright to help lift her spirits!  I love the little tag that I hung on the pot.  It says it all, "Wishing you Strength for Today and Hope for Tomorrow".

Please say a prayer for my coworker, Lorraine.


  1. wow I love the card, it has such great detail. I'm also your newest follower... hope you visit my blog.

  2. Love the card Tammy and the sentiment is absolutely perfect. What a great bunch of people you have the pleasure of working with. To help someone they don't even know and will likely never meet says more than any adjectives could ever describe them as people. I pray that Lorraine will be given the strength for today and she will receive that hope for tomorrow.
    yours in friendship...Lilian (Craft Nook)